If you are a resident of the Al Qusais neighborhood,
we here at Nada Al Ward can ease your travel worries
with our cost-effective rent a car service.

Rent a Car Al Qusais

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Kia Picanto 2018

70 AED  |  420 AED  | 1500 AED
Daily        Weekly        Monthly

5% VAT applicable as per UAE law


Kia Picanto 2018 is a perfect family choice when it comes to finding hatchback cars for your vacations. This car has an extremely reasonable fuel consumption which averages around 16/Km for each liter. The up-gradation from the previous model has proven to be quite sleek.  The latest Picanto comes in a much aggressive a bold look with an additional fifty liters luggage space. The interior has been improved making it more pleasing for its customers.


2018 Petrol Auto x4
rent a car uae

Hyundai Accent 2017

75 AED  |  490 AED  | 1700 AED
Daily        Weekly        Monthly

5% VAT applicable as per UAE law

The Hyundai Accent is one of the most decent cars in the low-price range of vehicles in the UAE. It does the job of being a spacious sedan car that fits 5 passengers comfortably.  Its economical and decently powered to deliver a smooth drive across the emirates.

2017 Petrol Auto x5
Kia Pegas 2020

Kia Pegas 2020

85 AED  |  525 AED  | 1900 AED
Daily        Weekly        Monthly

5% VAT applicable as per UAE law

With a recent entry in the highly competitive subcompact automobile industry, the Kia Pegas 2020 model is here to make a difference. Designed with an attractive and modern appearance, uncluttered dashboard, comfortable seating, and ample cabin space, this feature-rich 5-seater makes for an excellent entry-level car. It’s capable of generating 95 bhp horsepower, with a top speed of 170 km/hr, accelerating to a 100 in 13.1 seconds. Engineered to be affordable, efficient, and high in value, the Pegas is ideal for daily commuters in Dubai.


2020 Petrol Auto x5
low cost rent a car dubai

Nissan Sunny 2019

75 AED  |  490 AED  | 1600 AED
Daily        Weekly        Monthly

5% VAT applicable as per UAE law

Do you wish to step out of a car that has a sleek and bold look to it? Nissan sunny 2019 might be the car you are looking for. The broad exterior along with sleek lines makes Nissan sunny 2019 stand out and gives it a classy look. When you look at the car it might seem quite compact but the great part of this vehicle is the extensive and roomy interior. It includes a massive head as well as legroom making sure all passengers ride comfortably. The in-built air conditioner is quite powerful being one of the unique features of this new addition.


2019 Petrol Auto x5

Al Qusais is a quiet, family-friendly and peaceful community that offers spacious apartments along with an abundance of facilities. It has a robust infrastructure in place with several buses that travel through the area and a dedicated metro station. However, given how distantly located the area is from the main city, public transport may not be a viable option. We would instead recommend looking for a car rental in Qusais as it will allow you freedom to travel along with affordability and guarantee of reaching your destination on time.

At Nada Al Ward, renowned as the cheapest rent a car in Al Qusais, we offer our customers a wide range of vehicles to choose from based on your needs, budget, preference and style. All our vehicles are well-maintained and sanitized regularly, assuring you of a clean and safe vehicle. With our transparent terms and transaction process, we eliminate any unwanted surprises along the way. To get started with the booking, simply visit our website or give us a call today!

How to Book a Car Rental in Al Qusais

If you are a resident who seeks to commute from the area to other parts of the city, opting for a car rental in Al Qusais would be ideal. It will not only ensure you reach your destination on time but also eliminate the hassles associated when traveling in public transport. Moreover, you get drive at your comfort and to any destination of your choice. Booking a car rental in Al Qusais with us is easy. Here’s how you can get started with the process:

  • 1

    Visit our website, browse through expansive catalog and choose a vehicle that matches your requirements.

  • 2

    Once you have decided, select your preferred pickup date and location.

  • 3

    Choose between short-term, long-term and lease.

  • 4

    Let us know about any add-ons that you may require.

  • 5

    Fill in your contact details and upload the required documents.

  • 6

    Get started with your journey.

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